Could a Scientist Solve your Problem? If you need a synchrotron, this could be the place for you.

If you haveĀ  a problem that only a person in a lab coat can solve, then think about taking a hike out to Mulgrave on 31 October.

This is one of the furthest flung events we’ve ever featured, and it you’re on public transport I’m afraid you’re in it for the long haul, (and a bit of a hike on top of that). But.

South East Melbourne Innovation Partnership (SEMIP) is proud to bring you the “Can a Scientist Solve your Problem?” pitch night on 31st October 6pm at the Eastern Innovation Business Centre.

The winner will receive $10,000 worth of Beam time at the Australian Synchrotron in Clayton with PR delivered by Scientell for the project.

What is a synchrotron?

Ansto’s Australian Synchrotron is a source of powerful x-rays and infrared radiation that can be used for a wide range of scientific and technical purposes.

Who needs a synchrotron?

You could be forgiven for thinking Dr Evil / Frank Thring and villains but, no. Some of the industries that currently benefit from the Synchrotron:

  • Advanced materials: ceramics, polymers, biomaterials, semiconductors, magnetic, superconducting and battery materials, opto-electronics
  • Biomedical: new diagnostics, bio-mimetic materials (artificial skin or organs), imaging and therapeutic techniques
  • Defence industries: new materials, sensors, heavy metal analysis, coatings
  • Environmental technologies and services: analysis of soils, fresh and salt water, air and atmospheric samples, pollutants, toxins and contaminants, environmental remediation
  • Food technology: analysis of food ingredients and packaging materials, product and process development
  • Manufacturing: metal alloys, catalysts, engineered components, stress analysis, fibres and textiles, adhesives, polymers and plastics, surfaces, interfaces and coatings

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