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A curated list of whats on that’s free, informative, and not a sales channel in tech, data and culture.

What’s On Today


Use this view, if you’re using a lap top, tablet or computer, and you want a serious case of FOMO.

If you’re using an iPhone: download the Google calendar app and/ or create a Gmail account, or else try our pretty dodgy downloadable iCal.

Instructions for use:

  • Copy, download or duplicate events to your calendar
  • Only RSVP if you’re definitely attending, (not just ‘maybe’).
  • Contact your hosts and re-gift your spot if you can’t make an event
  • use the share icon to forward event details via apps and social media.

Fun fact

50% of people who RSVP to FREE events are no-shows.  Organisers spend real time and money creating these amazing opportunities. Don’t abuse the freebie, so we can all have nice things.

Missed out?

If your event is booked out, or your RSVP is too late, do not despair. You might still get in if you:

  • Contact the organisers and ask nicely;
  • add yourself to the waitlist; and/or
  • just show up on the off chance.

Explain your predicament, prove that you’re motivated. GO FOR IT! Organisers will usually let you in at the last minute to take the place of someone who said they’d be there, but didn’t show.

What else?

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