About this blog…

Elle Brooker, Career Hacker

Hello. My name’s Elle.

I’m a career hacker curating a vast array of free personal development, professional networking and career and hobby hacks centred on the big ticket items in tech, data and culture and ‘knowledge on demand’.

AI and machine learning, urban farming to IoT, biohackers to ethics, service design to CX, the bleeding edge is there for the taking.

You can read about my most recent hack right here or take the plunge and head over to the calendar and check out my life’s work.

What started out as an effort to reconnect with Melbourne has morphed into a blog and a life of its own.

Since starting on this journey, I’ve expanded my network authentically, and regained my edge as a technology policy advisor.

I’m here to help you make the most of lock down, find your tribe and regain your mojo.

Elle Brooker, September 2020


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