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Black and white portrait photo of the author, Elle Brooker taken by photographer T. Donald
Elle Brooker, Career Hacker

A small child running across the curved red bench seats of the the Great Hall of  the National Gallery of Victoria

A water textured sign asking 'what will you do today?'

Hello. My name’s Elle.

I’m a Melbourne-based career hacker and transformation consultant curious about humans and institutions and how they get things done.

I curate a calendar of diverse, completely free, professional development, career-change and networking events that you’d normally pay to go to, centred on the ‘big-ticket’ items in tech, data and culture and ‘knowledge on demand’.

Think of it as after work drinks with a side of ‘try before you buy.’

Everything from AI to machine learning, innovation to design thinking, MVPs and start-ups, to free workshops, biomimicry, urban farming, autonomous vehicles, IoT, bio-hackers, MedTech, how to podcast, 3D printing, BlockChain, circular economy and transformation to ethics, service design, wire framing, journey mapping and CX, the bleeding edge is there for the taking.

I travelled the world looking for the kind of opportunities that were on my doorstop this whole time.

If COVID had an upside it’s that the best of what the world’s leading thinkers and what they have to say about important subjects are an hour of your time at home in front of a desk with a vino.

You can read about my most recent hack here, or take the plunge and head over to the Tech and the City calendar and check out my life’s work.

What started out as an effort to reconnect with Melbourne in the middle of winter, has morphed into a blog and taken on a life of its own.

Thanks for joining me.

Elle Brooker, September 2020


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