Digital Government Festival – a two day free event presented by Melbourne Law School

Grab your tickets to the inaugural Digital Government Festival: From Complexity to Collaboration hosted by the University of Melbourne School of Law.

When: Wed, June 1 ‐ Thu, June 2 • 8:00 AM AEST

Where: online

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Move over bell curve, there’s a new universality class in town…

Meet the Kardar–Parisi–Zhang-ians.

With a name like ‘Beyond the Gaussian,’ (aka the bell curve) there remains the fact that this is presented by the School of Maths and Statistics @unimelb.

I hear the sound of many low flying planes overhead. But: #systems and the promise of two universal truths… #giveitaburl
Wednesday 07 Nov2018
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Details here

PsychTalks: is everything we’ve been told about happiness, wrong? 8 November

My theory that everything you wanted to know will eventually be offered as a free event in Melbourne is proving true. You *could* go to The School of Life, and splash a bit of cash, or, you can sign up and meet the researchers at Unimelb.

Register here

Online resource: visualising global credit risk

For those of us following the Haynes Royal Commission and wondering just how badly off things might be, unimelb has a recorded a lecture all about that.

Visualising global credit risk




Thunderstorm Asthma & The Art of Science

Brought to you by the VCA (Victorian College of the Arts( UniMelb Biomedical Sciences present The Art of Science series.

Lecture one, ‘Storm’, coincides with the beginning of Melbourne’s asthma season which is not the point of the lecture, although it rates a mention…. the panel “focus on the romantic and scientific phenomena relating to storm, including the very dangerous and problematic public health issue of Thunderstorm Asthma.”


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