Centre for Legal Innovation – What should I automate?

Automating frequently followed procedures is the new big thing, but what you can automate, versus what you should automate might surprise you.

Check out ‘What should I automate?’

The million dollar question.

Mon, Aug 9 • 1:00 PM AEST online

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Stakeholder Capitalism alternative governance

Alternative business models demand more flexible governance ideas. Check out ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’

Friday, Dec 18 • 2:00 PM AEDT

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Digital Government: Trick or Treat?

Day four of five days of free PD for bored directors.

29 September – from the model pupil to the troubled child, it’s a look at government services of the future.

What’s the sovereign risk profile and can you relate?

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Portable Webinar: Design for education (without screwing it up)

Did someone say webinar?

You know there’s no excuse for avoiding the future of work, if all you have to do is hit ‘join’.

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Why do you think the way you think? Why do you do, what you do? Why do I, do what I do?

I’m sharing this piece by Leon Atkinson because I like the cut of his jib.

This is what the inside of my head looks like. This is how I think through problems, risks and consult stakeholders so that I can do what I do.

“Why do you think the way you think? Why do you do, what you do

? Why do I, do what I do?”

Tea and reports: Victoria’s Social Economy and Jobs of the Future. THIS Thursday AM

VCOSS, RMIT and the Future Social Service Institute host morning tea and launch of two reports outlining the breadth of this social opportunity and economic growth.

Victoria’s social economy: Social opportunity, economic growth outlines future workforce trends and the huge demand projected for social service workers.

Jobs of the future: Victoria’s vibrant community services industry takes the latest Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission data and profiles key aspects of the Victorian community service sector.”

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Wednesday: Pints and Proformas: FREE UX Workshop

Did somebody say Free UX workshop?

They sure did.

UX stands for “user experience” and it’s all about how to plan better services by making the experience of navigating them easier or more enjoyable for the person at the receiving end. That person could be a customer or they could be a citizen.  Or they could be your Mom.

Couple this with beers at one of Melbourne’s most venerable pubs and you have the makings of a memorable Melbourne after work lesson and everything you need to anaesthetise your aversion to IT acronyms.

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