Check out “Let’s talk about Personal Branding for Women by Prachi Tyagi”

New year, more PD.

I’ll freely admit, this is my Achilles heel.

I don’t really understand branding, as this blog will attest.

‘Let’s talk about Personal Branding’ for Women by Prachi Tyagi

Date: Wed, Feb 2 • 6:15 PM AEDT

Wednesday: Pints and Proformas: FREE UX Workshop

Did somebody say Free UX workshop?

They sure did.

UX stands for “user experience” and it’s all about how to plan better services by making the experience of navigating them easier or more enjoyable for the person at the receiving end. That person could be a customer or they could be a citizen.  Or they could be your Mom.

Couple this with beers at one of Melbourne’s most venerable pubs and you have the makings of a memorable Melbourne after work lesson and everything you need to anaesthetise your aversion to IT acronyms.

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