My week in career hacking.

This week I’m living the ‘urban nomad’ dream.

I landed a contract that sees me drafting a freelance piece about domain name disputes, whilst making a dweeb of myself in a telephone interview for a job that I could do, but it’s not in my industry, or aligned to my background (it’s publishing, albeit a publication about public services, so that’s definitely my patch) and learning to podcast.

Yes, podcast.

I didn’t get the job, I don’t think, but I really do feel energised.

Keep an eye on the calendar for the next learn to podcast at Docklands Library or Kathy Syme, both of which have production studios.


MakerBasics@Docklands: How to Create a podcast.

The City of Melbourne has three state of the art libraries and one of them is at the very pointy end of the Docklands.

Catch the tram from Collins or Bourke Street to the intersection of Collins AND Bourke Street.

Registration essential. Book here or sign up to go on the waitlist.