Check out “Let’s talk about Personal Branding for Women by Prachi Tyagi”

New year, more PD.

I’ll freely admit, this is my Achilles heel.

I don’t really understand branding, as this blog will attest.

‘Let’s talk about Personal Branding’ for Women by Prachi Tyagi

Date: Wed, Feb 2 • 6:15 PM AEDT

Free digital journalism training workshop – Grow with Google, Melbourne

Why read the news when you can write it?

Take your social media chitter chatter to the next level.

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True crime fan? Crime Writers Panel: 17 October PM, Darebin.

Catch the tram to High Street, Northcote for a taste of Melbourne’s true north.

Crime writers Aoife Clifford, Cath Ferla and Christian White tell all about how to write a crime novel.

Events details and registration here